Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Personalised cookies | Christmas Baking

Following on from the theme of christmas baking, what better way to say Merry Christmas than some personalised cookies? I love the idea of these - they are clearly not shop brought thanks to the personal message and really do add an extra something to a christmas gift.

I used a Tala Letterpress Cookie set to create these. For the longer messages (Like Happy Holidays above) I was really pleased to see the words came together because the tiny letters are slightly fiddly! Thankfully though, they also come with more than one letter each - I'm pretty sure I sent a few flying thanks to me being the messiest baker ever! I think these would make great thank you gifts too, and not just for Christmas either. I think the fact you can use the letters and write whatever you want on to the cookies make them very unique! The set comes with a letterpress stamp which you can use with any cutters, as well as a star, heart and scalloped rectangle ready with two lines of text. If you use these ones - don't press too hard! First time I used them I pressed all the way down - big mistake! It really only needs a light touch, especially with the soft dough I used.

Another tip I discovered - I think chilling the dough before you bake would be a top idea because mine were a little too soft and so easy to move out of shape. Also - choose a dough that won't spread. The recipe I used (you can find here) was super buttery and yummy, but it did spread and so the cookies aren't quite as legible as I would like! Nevermind, I certainly don't need another excuse to try another recipe, and I'll definitely be using these as unique thank you gifts for friends after Christmas! xo


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  2. What a lovely idea! They would make such lovely gifts, I'd be chuffed to receive some personalised cookies <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com