Sunday, 5 January 2014



Hello, and happy 2014! I have big plans for this year, and as usual, I've got a few goals up my sleeve to keep me motivated. 2013 was a pretty good year and I come in to the new year feeling settled and happier than ever.

First off, I have some large plans for this little blog of mine. I've spent the weekend learning CSS and coding the new site, and I am so excited to get it live. The main point is that I will be moving on from Sugarpatch. I've created a new name (and brand) that will suit my art shop (which is another thing on my rather long list to sort out) as well as a much cleaner and professional blog. I started Sugarpatch in 2010 when I was 17 and I'm ready to move on (with a much less 'teenage' blog name!). I'm going to make photography a big focus for me this year and really try to improve my skills and knowledge on the subject. I haven't been the most consistent blogger in the last year so this is going to change with some consistent posting because I am feeling so inspired by the fresh start. All my old content will still be here, and this site, URL and old posts will just direct to the new one - it will just take a couple of days to make the change.

After I wrote my Wanderlust post almost a year ago, I can finally start putting my travel plans in motion. I visited Paris last year for my 21st birthday, and this year I'll be off to The Gambia, Italy, and Turkey. The second paragraph in that post is a repeating theme, and a goal I'd like to carry through to 2014. It's not a quick fix so I wouldn't be surprised if it's on next years goals too, but I'd like to make huge improvements to my social anxiety and finally kick a lot of my confidence issues in the butt. I wrote that the ultimate goal for me would be to do something and be completely unafraid. I don't think this is the case any more, and this quote sums it all up:
'My whole life I've been telling myself "don't be afraid". And it is only now that I'm realizing how stupid that is. Don't be afraid. Like saying "don't move out of the way when someone tries to punch you" or "don't flinch at the heat of a fire" or don't blink". Don't be human. I'm afraid and you're afraid and we're all always going to be afraid because that's the point. What I should be telling myself is "be afraid but do it anyway." Live anyway.'

And so that is what I plan to do, and I will 'feel the fear and do it anyway.'
Finally, I'd like to take more time doing the things I love. This links to the whole blogging thing, because I love writing and taking photos and sharing it all online. I've discovered that it really isn't the fact that there isn't time to do it all, but that I don't make time.

So there we go, probably a rather rambly post but I suppose that my blogging year always starts with these! There are plenty of smaller goals floating around in my head, like eat better and lose a few pounds, but they are just thoughts and I won't fill this post up with such trivial things. I love reading about other people's goals and resolutions so if you have a post, link me up in the comments below! xo

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  1. Can't wait to see the 'new' site Katie! It sounds so interesting. Amazing to hear about your travelling plans too, I bet Italy is beautiful! Happy New Year lovely! xx