Saturday, 25 January 2014

Clear the air


Dehumidifiers are probably one of the least glamorous things to put on a blog, but they’re essential and rather important for us. I suppose this sort of thing is often left ‘behind the scenes’ but when Tesco Compare Home Insurance contacted me to be a Home improvement DIY reviewer, these were top of my list.

Sadly, the flat we live in seems to have a damp problem and so mould is an issue for us. It’s not glamorous and certainly not pretty, but it is real life! We have it in our bedroom and it’s a worry for me to have that around us when we sleep and I’m sure it’s not good for our health. When I first thought of home improvements, I thought of paint, shelves and a visit to a DIY store. We only rent, so painting isn’t an option and I have filled up the flat with far too much stuff to fit any more furniture in! Dehumidifiers will improve our home though, and hopefully our health too. We have one in each of our wardrobes and I can already tell what a difference it’s making. These Unibond ones are easy to see through and the water collects in the bottom. There’s a lot of water in there already so I know these are working great, and when the tablet has disappeared it means it’s time to pop in a new one. They’re quite compact so fit into small spaces perfectly and are easy to move about. They are actually rather pretty too, considering they are dehumidifiers!

They’re very reasonably priced and I’ll definitely be stocking up on the tablets in order to reduce the moisture in the air. Another tip I found online was to use chalks and place them in the room – obviously a much smaller scale compared to the dehumidifiers but definitely a trick I’m using in the smaller rooms of the house. I know it’s not the most exciting topic to blog about but it’s important and so a big thanks to Tesco for sending me these. If you have any tips on reducing mould and moisture, please do leave a comment!

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