Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Orla Kiely Candy


Isn't she a beauty? I know, I know, it's annoying when people personify handbags but this one really is lovely! I was the very lucky recipient of this Orla Kiely bag for Christmas from Graham - no hints or tips or anything! I guess after three years together he is starting to get it!

I love this handbag. It was from House of Fraser and everything just feels such high quality. It's in the 'Candy' colourway with the sunset flora print, and although it's not available online, there are other similar bags on the Orla Kiely website here (and in the sale too!) The colours are rich, the bag is a good weight and the leather is strong. The amount of stuff I usually shove into a handbag often means it doesn't last me very long but I definitely know this sort of investment piece is going to last years, no matter how much I cram in. That's another thing I love about it - it's not too small but it's certainly not a big handbag either. It fits in all the essentials - an umbrella, phone, purse, headphones and even my ipad mini (which is useful because I'm constantly attached to it!) The zips slide with perfect ease and the little details - like the tiny pouch at the front with gold foiling and the hardware on the handles - only make it more special. The colours mean it goes with pretty much everything I go and whenever I use it I think I have an extra push of confidence in my step. I know it's probably a bit superficial to say things like that, but it's true; like when you wear your favourite top you just feel better. This is a piece that I'll have for years and it certainly enforces my belief in buying better quality.
Orla Kiely handbag - Gift
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