Sunday, 23 February 2014

A rainy week in Kent


A few weeks ago, Graham and I headed off to Kent, back to Gray's home county, for a well needed break. Granted, it wasn't the best time of year to go for a mini holiday considering the weather, but a good week to relax and rest up.

Obviously, we chose the worst days to head on day trips thanks to the untrustworthy weather reports which meant we were mostly wet and thoroughly cold. Our trips to Canterbury and Brighton weren't as photo worthy as when we visited last April and sadly, thanks to the weather, I wasn't as inspired or enthused as before either. The train ride to Brighton was a little scary, with trees on the line and views out of the window being full of the rough sea and waves looking as if they'd lap up right next to the carriage.

As someone who is a huge foodie, naturally, most of what I remember about these days was our lunch. We took shelter in Gourmet Burger Kitchen when in Brighton, and the trendy resturant was a huge welcome to us as we ran in before the hit of a huge hail storm. We sat by the window and felt rather smug as we watched umbrellas turn inside out and people running in the rain; whilst we happily tucked in to some delicious burgers, chips and huge pints of milkshakes. As hard as we tried, we couldn't stay on our cosa sofa forever and managed to heave ourselves out as we half ran through rainy Brighton back to the train station. We managed to make the most of the morning's dry weather wandering through the lanes, but sadly inbetween the drizzle and puddles, it had lost a bit of magic. I'm sure we'll be back soon enough to make up for that trip and add a wander down to the pier on the agenda too - this time without the worry of being blown away.

Canterbury meant a lunch in a quiet Chimichangas - a mexican restaurant that I'd heard of but never tried. We loved the food and are happy to discover one in our hometown too, so I'm sure I'll be full of burrito again very soon. We strolled around Canterbury in the hats we had brought earlier on as we had naively set off without them. A few purchases in H&M, Next and a quick visit to the designer Outlet in Ashford, I was pretty happy with my new purchases. We spent a lot of the week at the house but made sure to take walks and photos of local scenery and abandoned churches.

It was a much needed week off work and although the drive home in the horrendous weather and the impending chores of unpacking, washing and cleaning to do before Monday morning - which puts a dampener on the end of most holidays - I could sleep easier and my body felt less stressed. My next holiday in about a months time will be a world away from damp Kent, as I run off for a long weekend with my sister to sunny Rome. I've picked up an Italian phrasebook, am trying to roll my R's (and failing) and preparing my stomach for a mountain of superb italian food. If you have any tips of places to visit during our stay, please do let us know in the comments! xo

A slow train journey to Brighton
Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Brighton, chunky & skinny fries!
Below text
Waiting for the train
An old church in Kent
Action shot - looking pro?!

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