Tuesday, 4 February 2014

White spaces


I can spend hours daydreaming about interiors - decorating the walls with bespoke art, filling the rooms with beautiful pieces of furniture. I love seeing gorgeous homes on Pinterest (you can find my interiors board here), and looking back to what I've pinned I can see a distinct style coming through.

Exposed hardwood flooring is a dream, such beautiful colours and textures coming from wood that has a history to tell - I'd love to make a home in an older house rather than a modern new build. Our current flat was built in the 1800s and belonged to a ship captain; it has incredibly high ceilings with cornices full of imagery and wonderful arches that lead to what was once the drawing room.

Rugs (1) would be interspersed throughout my dream home; big, warm and fluffy so as to keep the chill in our toes at bay. I can picture a large grey sofa (2) beckoning the guest to sit, covered with handmade cushions and a throw (3) slung on the back, and a solid wooden table (4) in front of it covered in design books that I often ignore about as they sit forgotten on the bookshelf.
I'd love to have a reading nook. My bookshelves are overflowing, so another few pieces to hold the current towers of novella are a must, and a cosy corner to while away a well-spent afternoon. Perched on something comfortable, like a beanbag (5), I can imagine the nook being by the window, a lamp (6) at easy reach as the day turns to night because of all the hours spent lost in the words.
Would a room be complete without some beautiful images placed on the walls? I would have white frames filled with art and quotes from illustrators that I love; the print (7) by Katie Daisy is one of the many on my current wishlist.

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Any pieces you particularly love? Scandinavian furniture is my current fad - pop a comment down below and tell me yours.


  1. That print has been on my wish list forever! I love it!

  2. I love all of this and I most definitely need that print! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life