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The next few months will be full of house hunting for me and Gray. I've always been the person that is constantly looking on estate agents website despite the fact we have no intention of moving... but not any more! I am so excited about the fact that we will have a house - a whole house! - and not a little flat anymore. My imagination is going crazy at the idea of decorating and furnishing, and of course I am looking for pieces to fill our future home already, despite the fact we've not actually found one yet!

We'll be moving from a one bed flat, so the space is going to be far bigger than what we have now. Guests wont have to sleep on our sofa bed anymore, and our lounge won't have to double up as our office. We don't own enough furniture to fill a house yet, so I'm keeping my eager eyes peeled for bargains and beautiful pieces. I always find myself browsing John Lewis for good quality furniture and the image at the top of my collage is their 'Says Who' range. I think I am most excited about the fact I get to buy a new dining table and to have chairs that match and, most importantly, enough seats for all our family! We might not get a whole room for dining, but a kitchen/diner would be ideal and I would love some scandinavian inspired pieces to fill it out.

The rest of the images up there are from my Pinterest, and I know for sure I'll be pinning a lot more in the next few months. I'd love a house with huge windows - I'm a big fan of natural light and sadly, our current flat doesn't have as much as I'd like. A lounge with a white fireplace, a bedroom with wooden floorboards...
I have the perfect image in my head, but whether we find somewhere to satisfy my daydreams is another matter! I'm certainly not afraid of some DIY and paint jobs though, so I reckon I can dream away til my hearts content. Let's just not mention budget! xo

See my Pinterest 'House' board for links for all photos featured
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