Sunday, 21 September 2014

House of Fraser


I am a huge silver jewellery fan. You won't see me without earrings or a necklace and generally, if I've found some pieces I really love, they won't be taken off for a very long time. Enter these beautiful pieces from House of Fraser. The necklaces are so delicate and dainty, which is just perfect for my taste and so light on my skin, as well as being sterling silver.

The heart earrings are from a brand called Dew and are a really good size and weight. They sit perfectly and are such a cute, quaint little addition to my jewellery collection. The necklaces are from another brand I hadn't heard of before called Ziba. These are actually layered necklaces which I love the idea of, and there's a lot choice of designs whilst still retaining a delicate edge because of their size. I've been wearing the triangle one constantly on its own because I just love the simplicity. The necklaces are on sale at the moment too, and all the pieces can be found over on the House of Fraser website. What do you think? xo


Necklaces by Ziba
Earrings by Dew
c/o House of Fraser


  1. these are really lovely. sterling silver is my absolute favourite, i wear my simple astley clarke stacking rings every single day without fail!


  2. i love dainty silver jewellery too :) love the triangle necklace!

  3. these are all so beautiful! love this jewelry :)

  4. I'm a massive fan of dainty jewellery too :) The necklaces are so cute!

  5. I'm a big fan of dainty jewelry and think it suits anyone and goes with most outfits!

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook

  6. Absolutely stunning! Dainty jewellery is my absolute favourite. I especially love those necklaces <3 xx

  7. These are so cute, I don't like big bangly jewellery but these are beautiful little pieces.