Saturday, 25 October 2014

Life update


It’s been a month since I posted, but actually I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot in the weeks I’ve been absent. My head's been thinking up new posts and ideas but life has just been in the way; isn’t it always?
The big move finally happened which on the most part, explains my absence. I also went on holiday to Turkey with my sister for a week which wasn’t the best of timing as we flew on the day of the house move! Luckily Graham moved us in with some help of friends which I was very grateful for, but my feet have only really just started to touch the ground.

A few busy and extremely stressful weeks at work meant the holiday was much needed, but I came home to a very unorganised and messy new house. There were so many boxes! I had a lot of stuff and we are slowly making our way through them so that’s certainly helping to clear my head. It felt crazy to me to say I was feeling stressed when I had just returned from a holiday but I was – the house move and the sheer amount of work to do and sort was overwhelming, and I went back to work straight away with no less stress than I left. The first few weeks of October weren’t good for me and I struggled a lot, I had a lot to catch up and my diary was jam packed (not usual for me – I am an introvert and need some quiet days to balance out the busy days to regroup) which I just didn’t have time for.

Thankfully, things are starting to calm down, the boxes to unpack are reducing and I’m starting to get into a new routine. I’m ready to start blogging again now my mind is clearer and get my jumbled brain out on to the internet – lucky you! This is just a catch-up post to let you know where I am and why I dropped off the radar a little bit – not intentional but fingers crossed things will be back to normal very soon. In the meantime, enjoy the few snippets of October I've snapped above, and I'll be back soon with some proper content. Thanks for sticking by! xo

Coming soon...
More holiday snaps, a home decor post and a baking recipe

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  1. I love the collage style of this post :-) xx