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Project Life Starter Guide | UK


Bare essentials

Album | Wallets | Core kit | Photos (Print at home or order online)

Other supplies

Embellishments e.g. stickers, brads, decorative elements | Other PL cards |

Project Life seems to have exploded in popularity recently (mainly thanks to some youtube creators who have shared their ideas and resolutions to begin, see Lily Pebbles, Sprinkle of Glitter and VelvetGh0st).

I’ve grown up with a very crafty and talented Mum, so scrapbooking definitely isn’t new to me. If you’ve been a follower of my blog from the very beginning, you’ll know that I’ve kept creative journals ever since I was a teenager. Scrapbooking has been a hobby of mine for years and it always makes me happy when I see other people get excited about it, even more so when it is people of the ‘younger’ generation – as scrapbooking is generally known as an older hobby. Thanks to the internet, it seems to be making a surge amongst young people and scrapbooking has totally changed the usual perceptions of what it used to be in the past few years. It’s become a much more modern concept and Project Life has made scrapbooking much more accessible to a lot of people. Scrapbooking and PL is huge in America, and I’m always pleased when I find a UK blogger or maker sharing their creations – but you’ll find the inspirations sources below are mostly American. Despite that, there are of course a lot of us in the UK who have this hobby and I’d like to share more about my scrapbooking here on the blog. This post is mostly an inspiration source with a few tips if you're new to Project Life. If you want to find out what PL is, then I suggest popping over here.


Pinterest is a great place for Project Life and general scrapbook inspiration. Even youtube has a vast amount of videos showing people creating layouts in real time, or unboxing a craft haul. There are numerous blogs out there with design teams and scrapbookers who create new layouts every day and I think it’s amazing how different people can make their spreads, whilst using the same products. No two pages will be the same but here are a couple of things I like to remember when I’m creating my pages: (This is in no way a comprehensive guide to Project Life, just a few things I’ve picked up along the way that might be useful to know!)

Don't forget the opposite page

If you’re creating a page that’s on the left side of the album, what will be on the right? It’s easy to do a page at a time but your album will flow better if your layouts don’t totally clash. It doesn’t have to be the same event or month on both pages – they can still be totally different subjects but it’s worth thinking about layout and photos that will lie next to each other over the middle of the album. You could mirror the layout, or have the right page as photos and little journaling, and vice versa on the left so they complement each other. I like to do this by having the photos and elements I want to use on the double spread all ready, and then just arranging the layouts in situ with each other. Even picking out the elements for both pages and then coming back to finish the other page helps a lot.

Buying supplies

I find if you’re after more modern and up to date cards and embellishments (for example for the new year, 2015 etc) then the best place to buy cards is online. Project Life is huge in America and there are a countless number of online stores that offer these. You have the choice of buying these (although be wary of shipping costs) or the easiest way is to simply download them. You can buy a product and have the item emailed to you so you can download them straight away and print it off when you are ready. They are often very cheap and there are hundreds of designs available to suit any style you’re going for.

There’s also the option of kit boxes. I’m sure you’ve heard of the beauty subscription services like Glossybox and My Little Box – scrapbooking boxes work the same way. These are particularly prevalent over the pond as most are based in the US, but they’re becoming more popular here in the UK too. Bare in mind the shipping with the overseas boxes, and also the fact that you’ll end up with a lot of supplies. The kits are generous and often include a lot of paper and stamps but it’s a great way to grow your collection and expand your hobby. I’ve noticed a few UK people creating their own subscription boxes so it’s worth checking the links I’ve added below if you’re after a cheaper postage option.

Alternatively, scrapbooking can be found in most craft shops here too. Hobbycraft in particular, stocks the most extensive range of Project Life but don’t forget that general scrapbooking supplies will work with PL. The Range, The Works, CreateandCraft and plenty of hobby/craft shops in the UK will be able to provide with you with as many embellishments and paper as you like!

The beauty of Project Life is that you can totally tailor it to how you want. Keep it simple or fill it with hidden pockets and ephemera. It is completely yours so do what you love – if you don’t like journaling, you don’t have to write a lot. If you love photography, just have pages of photos! The one thing I’d recommend though, is to pop the date or year somewhere on the page – just so when you’re looking back at your albums, you’ll have a reference point. The great thing about scrapbooking is being able to look through them in years to come and share them with your friends or family, rather than your photos being unloved and forgotten in the deep, dark folders of your computer.

US & UK Subscription boxes

Studio Calico - US | Gossamer Blue - US | Like For Ever - UK

Where to go for inspiration

A Beautiful Mess | Ali Edwards | Amy Tangerine | Amy Makes Things | Analog Paper | Becky Higgins | Gossamer Blue | Stephanie Howell | Stephanie Makes | Laurel Lane | Marcy Penner | One Little Bird | Paislee Press | Studio Calico | Shimelle Laine | Tracyxo |

Youtube inspiration

Suse Fish | Kitty Scrapper |
Lily Pebbles | Chloe Murray | Anna Brim

Again, there are plenty more websites and blogs than what I’ve listed here – but these are my particular favourites. I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration, so if you have any to add to the list please leave them in the comments so we can all check them out! And if you have any questions, or if you’d like me to go into anything in more detail, then just leave them below :)


  1. I started a scrapbooking series on my blog recently, I'd love if you checked it out!

    p.s. How had I not heard of Project Life?!

  2. These look lovely and I want to start it for me and have my cousin join me as well cause she wants to do it for her baby boy. Lovely post and idea!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  3. Ah I need to do this. Such a great idea. I always leave so much online and I prefer looking through photo books etc so much more. KBxx