Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chocolate oat cookies


I thought I'd pop in on this extremely cold Sunday with a little recipe. I love to bake when it's a freezing, miserable day outside - baking makes me feel warm and cosy so it's the perfect antidote! I found this recipe over here, and they're basically flapjacks squished in to biscuits. My favourite thing about these? The chocolate to oat ratio is a lot higher than regular flapjacks >:)

They're super fast to whip up and cook a batch - perfect for a Sunday afternoon and ready to eat all week as a mid-morning snack. If you make these, let me know and take a photo! Hope you have a great week xo

150g rolled oats
100g plain flour
130g caster sugar
130g butter
30g golden syrup
1tsp bicarb
Recipe here


  1. These look so yummy and I really love baking on days like those too. I might try them when I have time.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Ooh they look good. I like the idea of a mid-morning snack, and probably healthier than a packet of crisps. I might give these a go one evening and treat my colleagues. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Debbie x

  3. These look so awe-inspiringly good! Yum x x x

  4. I love oat cookies. They don't make me feel that guilty as I always consider oats as healthy food. never mind butter and sugar... ;)

  5. These look delicious! I love anything with oats and chocolate so they are right up my street. You're right, there is nothing better than baking up some lovely treats on a miserable day, especially when the smell of fresh baked goodies fills your house :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger