Sunday, 1 February 2015

January favourites


I've been treating myself a little in January and I thought I’d share my current favourites with you. I always love reading posts like this so if you've done similar, please leave a link below!

Silk dress

First up is this silk dress from Primark. It’s one of those pieces that look awful on the hanger – in the shop I walked straight past it before catching my eye on a mannequin. I am so pleased with this dress, it’s a great length and cut for me with a high neck and mid-length sleeves. It’s perfect for wearing to the office or dressing up for a night out with some heels – which brings me on to the next piece…


These heeled boots are also from Primark – but I think they looks so much more expensive than they were! I love the accent of gold on the heel and they aren’t too high either, which means walking in them isn’t a problem for this high-heel novice.

The Goldfinch
By Donna Tartt

Now the Christmas break is over and I’m back to work, I’m back to devouring books in my lunch break. Usually sat hunched over my kindle, I thought I’d treat myself to a couple of books from Waterstones. I’m running out of room to store all my books at home (hence the kindle) but I still don’t think anything quite beats holding a big, chunky book in your hands. I love being able to see how far through I am in relation to the pages – not just a percentage at the bottom of a screen. I’m sure you’ll have heard of ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Ficton in 2014. I really enjoyed Tartt’s first novel, The Secret History, and I thought this was equally as good. It’s a very heavy read though, and I might pop up a mini review at some point once I’ve got my thoughts in order!

Daisy Eau So Fresh
Marc Jacobs

My sister gifted me this for Christmas, knowing I was a big fan of the Daisy scents. You might remember I featured the Daisy Delight on the blog back in September, but this has taken prominence. I’ll reserve that one for the summer months because I think this one is more toned back and perfect for winter. It is a beautiful, sophisticated scent and I find it elicits calm – I don’t know if that’s weird but this is definitely a self-soothe fragrance for me and has been my go to ever since!

Shearling Darling

And finally, a new nail polish. This was actually in a set of three that I picked up in TK Maxx. I haven’t tried Essie nail polishes before and at £7.99 a pop, they’re quite expensive to buy in Boots. The set I found was only £10 so I was dead chuffed with that. TK Maxx often do nail polish sets, and I’ve also seen Nails Inc in there too so it’s worth a look if you’re after some new colours but at a bit of a discount.


  1. I am so obsessed with Marc Jacobs Daisy, but I haven't tried Eau So Fresh yet! Love the essie polish as well, the color is great!

  2. I recently bought The Secret History and I'm hoping that I love it so I can pick up The Goldfinch too! xo