Friday, 6 March 2015

The Friday night pamper


There's nothing I look forward to more by the end of a week than an evening relaxing at home. Not one for late nights or partying, I'd much rather curl up on the sofa, with a good book and a facemask on ready to let my worries soak away in a nice, hot bubble bath.
Here are my essentials for that oh so necessary Friday night pamper.

Dream Cream and Mask of Magnaminty

Ever since discovering these little wonders at the Lush event I attended back in August, they've been a firm staple in my routine. I use the mask about once a month or when my skin is particularly bad - the marigold oil in it is great for calming angry outbreaks. Dream cream is lovely to apply after I've shaved or epilated my legs as it immediately soothes and calms down the redness on my skin afterwards - a definite must have for your body after jumping out the bath.

Nail polish
Rimmel London 60 seconds - 713 Little Bo Peep

I discovered this little beauty in Poundland and I'm so glad I did. The wear on this nail polish is incredible! It lasts so well on my nails, dries really quickly and I love the colour - a blue/lilac toned grey. I like taking a bit of time in my evening pamper routine to make my nails look nice for the weekend - and this particular bottle means it lasts well in to the next week, too.

A good book
When God was a Rabbit and The Red House

Both of these books were previous reads but ones I rather enjoyed. I'm trying to curb my book buying habit because my bookshelves are overflowing - so I'm re-reading ones I loved and allowing my kindle library to fill up at the same time. I'm currently reading Us by David Nicholls and really enjoying it. I've got quite a few notes scribbled down in various places about all of the books I've been devouring recently - soon I'll form them in to real thoughts and pop some mini book reviews up here, too.

That sneaky bar of chocolate...
Frys Chocolate Cream

One of my favourite treats are peppermint Fry's Chocolate Creams. I'd like to tell you this really is a Friday night one off, but who am I kidding. I eat chocolate every day!


  1. I love a Sunday night pamper but I'm pretty much always in on a Friday night too so I think it's a lovely way to start the weekend! I also LOVE Fry's Peppermint Creams, such a good chocolate bar! Enjoy your Friday night pamper lovely <3 xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. Love that nail polish shade, really pretty. Haven't had a Fry's peppermint cream in yonks, love them though! xo