Monday, 25 May 2015

How I store my scrapbooking stash


Happy bank holiday Monday! My weekend has been spent doing some DIY (painting our downstairs loo - so glamorous) and catching up with friends and family. As much as I love long weekends, they always tend to be filled up with plans so that it's almost as if I need an extra day to recover. I suppose it's the introvert in me! Thankfully I took Friday off too, so today has been spent at home having a quiet catch up. I conquered my to-do list this morning and this afternoon I've been creating my May Project Life spread. Seeing as I had all my craft bits out, I thought I'd share with you how I store it all!

I guess I have quite a lot of bits and pieces which is why I like to keep things tucked away in pretty boxes. I got the larger tin box that's tucked away at the back from a little independent store whilst on holiday years ago, and this one holds all the photographs I need to scrap, small paper bits and 6x6" paper pads. The map one is actually a cardboard box I covered myself and in here are my embellishments and general ephemera (mostly for art journalling rather than scrapping). The beautiful, turqouise floral box is from Store Twenty One and this has all my stickers in, alphabet stamps and thickers. These boxes live on my bookshelf and I just grab them whenever I fancy a crafty afternoon. The contents aren't set in stone or anything, but generally if I need something, I'll have a good ideas as to where it is.

The turquoise tub is from Home Bargains and I keep all the boring bits in here - punches, glue, scissors etc and my mini paper trimmer. Pretty handy for me to keep it all together and grab on the go. My 12x12 papers for traditional scrapbooking (which I do in between my monthly Project Life layouts) are kept in a clear box from Create and Craft as well as just in a scrapbook paper pad. I have a couple of bits that aren't pictured - such as my Project Life core kits, the page protectors and my album itself which are all stored on my bookshelf and under my desk.

The little black organiser is my favourite! It's got all the good stuff in - a lot of my project life cards, embrellishments, stamps and inks. I keep a few of each project life card designs from the core kits in here, and I also have a couple from smaller add-on kits too. The 3x4 cards fit perfectly in the sections on the left, and then the bigger 6x4 cards are in the larger section under my inks. I love cut apart sheets because you get so much more for your money, so these little paper bits are popped in here too. All the teeny tiny embellishments I have are also kept in here so they don't get lost or folded in the bigger boxes.

I don't have anywhere to keep all my bits in one place so they're dotted around my office but I think this is still a good way to keep me organised and neat! I don't usually work on my desk, I actually like to work on the dining table (more space to spread!) so I just grab my boxes and move there. This works for me, but I'd love to know how you store your crafty bits! If you want to see some of my layouts, I've posted some photos inside my scrapbook album, and here's my starter guide to Project Life.

How do you store your scrapbooking/craft stash?
Are there any other scrapbook-related posts you'd like to see from me?


  1. This was a great post - I don't have anything like as much scrapbooking stuff as you (lucky you by the way, it's gorgeous!) but I'm starting to get to the point where I can't store it all in a big bag anymore! I'll definitely be picking up some pretty boxes like yours, and your tub with the 'boring' bits in it, sounds great as well.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  2. first of all, I don't scrapbook. I kind of wish I did, especially when I look at all of your supplies. Such a sucker for stationary, paper items and so on. I think I might have to invest in some nice new storage for my art supplies. And second of all, I love this post, I think it's because I love being a little bit nosey when it comes to seeing what or how other people store their art supplies.

    Thanks again, Rebekah