Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Kitchen


When I posted ‘New Home, Little Peeks’ back in January, our little red kitchen got the most love. And rightfully so I think, it’s definitely the most striking room in the house. The bright red gives character and although its relatively small, it’s got a lot of cupboard space and a sneaky method of space-saving.

The lighting in this room comes from three spotlights and a velux window set quite high up in the roof. We also have white LED strip lighting underneath the top cupboards that make a huge difference.

We have one trick we like to show off whenever we introduce guests in to our home, and that’s the side you pass as you walk through the door. Deceptively, it looks thin and like rather useless cupboards and thin drawers. It always reminds me of that scene in Bruce Almighty when they are in the room with the filing cabinet and the drawer goes on forever (sadly ours does have a join in the wall!). You can see in the photos that our drawers pull out a lot further than it looks like they would, and we have our fridge built into the cupboard next to them. Our stairs are the other side of the wall and we have an under-stairs cupboard that these are built in to. I think it’s such a great way to save space in the kitchen and it’s also quite useful in the cupboard because it gives us a little shelf in there too.

I love cooking so having a nice kitchen to spend time in makes a big difference. As I mentioned in the previous home post, we matched our accessories to the glossy cupboards and so have a lovely red kettle, toaster and KMix. Also hidden behind the bottom doors are the dishwasher and freezer, but the top row of units provides plenty of storage space. It might be on the small side, but it’s perfect for the two of us and is definitely one of the most impressive rooms of the house for me!

This is the second room I've shared of our little house, see the lounge tour here!


  1. Ohh I love the red! Compact, but perfectly formed <3

  2. Ooh, super cute. And great way to add some extra space with those clever drawers. Xx

    1. Thanks Claire - and they're definitely a good party trick too! xx