Friday, 19 June 2015

Sudio TVÅ earphone review


I don’t think a day goes by where we don’t listen to music; whether we hear it on the radio on our morning commute to work, plug our headphones in on the walk home, even catch a song as we pass an open window or hear it on an advert on TV. Music is everywhere, and the industry is huge so it’s no surprise that the headphone market is pretty saturated and there is an overwhelming amount of choice. I was given a pair of Sudio earbuds to try out and I thought I’d review them here – hopefully it will help narrow down your choice and give you an honest opinion.

Sudio is a Swedish brand whose aim is to introduce earphones that are stylish as well as good – offering studio quality sound for a lot less money than they would cost in stores. Whilst appearance isn’t a huge factor for me, I think it’s fair to say that having nice looking, stylish earphones is always a plus. The Två earphone is sleek and simple – they’re not brash or in your face like some products and I they’re an understated accessory that you can get in a few different colours. What matters most to me though, is the sound quality.

The quality is excellent – not too much treble which is common in little earbuds. The volume range is good too – no one wants to be deafened by their music but it’s good to have a wide scale. Graham, my partner, is more of a music connoisseur than I am, and so I asked him to try them out too. He was really quite impressed, especially with the frequency response. The bass was punchy and didn’t suffer too much given the form factor of the headphones, and the treble was clear and defined. The only downside we found was that it does suffer from heavy leakage, which could be an issue if you want to use them in a crowded place or public transport. If you’re worried about this, they offer a second product that has in-ear buds that will not only block out background noise, but prevent others from hearing your music too.

We found the Två earbuds fitted a bit better in his ears than mine, so if you have smaller ears I’d once again recommend the sister product Klang. It features one longer cord and a shorter cord to go behind your neck, as well as the in-ear buds I mentioned before. It also works best for iPhone though works on Android too, whereas the Två features two long cords and one button to fit all devices. Another feature that stands out to me about these is the earphone jack. It sits flat against the phone – it doesn’t protrude and so it’s a lot less bulky and means it won’t be pulled out easily. It also means it will be a lot more hardwearing than a standard headphone jack that is always prone to wear and tear – just this single feature will make the headphones last a lot longer than most. I think a thoughtful feature like this makes the product stand out from the rest, as well as the fact the cord is anti-tangle and fitted with a remote and mic.

If you’re after some new headphones, and want a simple, clean and modern style then I’d definitely recommend them. They offer free shipping worldwide (always a plus) and you can get 15% off if you use the code Thewhitejournal15. What’s not to like?


Två earphones were sent to me for review but all opinions are my own and all my reviews are 100% honest.

You can find Sudio on Instagram and Facebook.

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