Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer nail polish


I've been really loving painting my nails recently, and I find I'm often reaching for the same, summery pastel shades. I reserve my navys, burgundys and darker colours for the autumn and winter months, and my lighter pinks, purples and greens for summer. I know a lot of girls rock the really bright colours on their nails for the sunny season, with bright, neon nails looking great with a tan. For me though, (being as pale as anything!) I stick to the faithful pastel shades. Here are my current favourite three!


Despite it's name, I'd say this one is definitely more of a blue than a lilac. It's a bit lighter than my illustration above, but it definitely has hints of both colours in the bottle. I love shades like this because it goes with anything and won't clash. It's quite sheer so will need a couple of coats but a really nice shade that I think is quite a neutral pastel colour.

Road Rage
Barry M

I'm really impressed with this collection from Barry M. I'm always a bit dubious when nail polishes say they are fast drying because they usually never are - I have to wait so long to make sure my nails don't smudge. This one does live up to its name though and dries faster than most and the colour is just lovely, a really nice and pale turqouise shade. Barry M polishes also have my favourite brushes because they are quite flat and large, so they glide on my nail really smoothly and give an even application.

Lilac Sheen
HyperGel Models Own

Now this one is definitely more lilac than Essie's 'Lilacism'. Its a lovely pink toned purple and a really pretty, pastel shade. I have quite a few Model's Own nail polishes thanks to their annual half price sale, and this was one that I picked up last year. I can't say I notice any difference with the HyperGel polsihes to the standard ones though, I wouldn't say it was shinier or gives a gel finish. It's a standard application but I think the colour payoff is super.

Illustration by me, please don't use without permission :)

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