Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Switching off


What images appear in your mind when you picture ‘serenity’? For me, I see a cosy blanket spread out on a patch of grass with a pile of good books, some delicious, plump strawberries and the sun beating down on my bare skin. I see a bath, full to the brim with bubbles and I hear relaxing music playing in the air. I see an evening to myself, to get crafty, to indulge in those naughty chocolates and sit at my desk and scrapbook. I see an hour spent immersed in a book during my lunch break outside, watching the ducks on the lake.

The wonderful Rosie, who nominated me for this challenge, wrote a post on this and it made me realise that these moments of serenity are rare. The only time I have, truly, to myself at the moment is my lunch breaks. I escape the confines of my office and head out – a walk around the lakes and a whole hour to get lost in the pages of my book. This is the only hour I spend each day without a screen. Back at the office, I am staring at my computer. I go home and my iPad appears, I check my social media, my emails. I prop it up on the side in the kitchen to watch Youtube videos whilst I cook our evening meal. In the morning, I scroll through Facebook whilst I eat my breakfast. The problem with these images, I have discovered, is the screen. Not one of my images of serenity contains internet. Isn’t that funny? Considering I am glued to my iPad most of the time, it’s interesting that I savour moments that don’t contain it. Serenity, to me, is about relaxation. The constant pinging of emails and notifications doesn’t create peace. The to-do lists and meetings fighting to be heard in my brain, the constant reminder of chores that have not been done, washing to put away and meals to cook. The busy-ness of life doesn’t cease, but perhaps we should spend a couple of hours out each day to just be. The overwhelming feeling of adulthood, of those bills that need to be paid, the emails to reply to and the chores that I mentioned earlier – to place those aside and let us just have a moment of time without the pressure. To indulge ourselves in a moment of selfishness and enjoy a bubble bath in peace. To spend an evening cosied up on the sofa watching an episode of our favourite TV show without feeling guilty of all the things we should be doing instead. Instead of multi-tasking and letting our brain jump from one job to the next while working out what needs to be after that – to just enjoy a moment to ourselves. That to me is serenity. Moments of serenity don’t have to be planned. Perhaps it should just be an opportunity to switch off.

Portmeirion are creating this challenge to share our moments of serenity and be in with a chance to stay in their beautiful village in North Wales. Thanks to Rosie for the nomination, and in turn, I nominate Jennie from the beautiful blog SailorJennie, to share a collage of photos and her thoughts on serenity. Feel free to pop over to Portmeirion’s page to read a bit more about the competition, and I’d love to read your thoughts on serenity in the comments below, too.


I think we can all spend a little more time 'switching off'. I know I spend far too much time on the internet than I should, and it always ends with that guilty feeling, like I could be spending my time in a better way. What do you think? Do you ever feel overwhelmed because of it?

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  1. What a great way to spend your lunch hour! I had great plans for mine but often spend it at my desk.

    Steph x