Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Current Favourites


Gold necklace

It was my birthday in July, and I was spoilt rotten as usual – I suppose turning 23 isn’t so bad (also it gave me an excuse to sing Blink182 all day). I popped into town a few days later armed with some birthday money and found this dainty little gold necklace in Primark – really pretty and only £2. The triangles actually have a pattern indented into the metal, though I much prefer it smooth so I just wear it the ‘wrong’ way round! I think it adds a lovely little pop to a plain work outfit.

Cacti and succulents
Homebase and Ikea

My obsession with cacti and succulents continues. Our lounge windowsill is full of them now in various sized white pots, and I've had two recent acquisitions. The little aloe vera plant (you can see him in the photo below) is from Ikea, and the cactus is from Homebase. I sometimes find Homebase to be a little on the pricy side but when I popped in, most of the plants were 50% off – it took a lot of restraint not to buy their whole collection of cacti and succulents!

The Album 'X'
Ed Sheeran

I’ve also been enjoying listening to Ed Sheeran whilst I work at the moment. I loved his first album, +, and though his latest, x, has been out for a while now (and I’d heard excellent reviews) I hadn’t downloaded it for myself! Obviously there’s already been quite a few hits from this album but I think they’re all fantastic. Such a mellow, chilled out album that I’ve had it on repeat ever since.

Eau Nude

My final favourite is a birthday gift I received from my friend Pauline. I’ve got quite a few Next perfumes in my collection now and I love them all, so I was extremely happy to unwrap this one too. It’s called Eau Nude and it has a musky vanilla scent, quite different from the others I have (I love Just Pink, too). I’ve been wearing this all month and it’s a lovely grown up scent in a pretty bottle that’s not left my dresser.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The little photos are from my birthday trip to the Harry Potter Tour in London! That was definitely a favourite and I loved seeing all the beautiful sets and the incredible detail put into all the films. I'm sure you'll have seen the many photos of it online already, but I highly recommend visiting if you're a HP fan too.



  1. Aw I loved the HP tours as well! It was like a dream come true getting to visit x

  2. What a lovely little necklace. I love delicate little details like that, although I have far too many necklaces and always seem to forget to wear them! Very jealous of your Harry Potter tour - I am dying to go but it is at the other end of the country to me and oh so expensive to get to. Hoping maybe next year I will make it (: x