Friday, 4 September 2015

Home inspiration: The bedroom


Since re-decorating the living room last December, and the downstairs loo in April, I’m definitely ready to move onto the next project: the bedroom! I’m not really sure why I haven’t tackled it sooner – when you consider how much time is spent in there sleeping, it’s probably the most important room to get right. We all want a bedroom that is relaxing and at the moment, ours does the opposite. It’s turned into a dumping ground with spare cushions and all the random bits of furniture that didn’t work downstairs when we moved in. There’s a mishmash of colour schemes thanks to the aforementioned cushions (our lounge in our old flat was red, but when we moved here and decorate, I went with grey/yellow/turquoise) but everything else is pretty neutral. I love spending time on Pinterest and it’s a great way to realise your taste – most of the bedroom pins on my Home board have a clear theme.

I love white walls, so that would be the first port of call seeing as when we moved in, everything was magnolia. I think white gives it a great base, it’s clean and modern and perfect for a tranquil space. Secondly, I definitely want to upgrade our furniture. This is going to be a big project, but if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it properly, right? The bed definitely needs replacing. Most of the furniture in our bedroom was bought when Graham and I moved in together after university. We were poor graduates, so although Ikea was a godsend at the time, I definitely feel like it’s time to invest in solid pieces. I think dark wood will be a great contrast against the white, and I really love the Inka bed from George Home. It looks modern and still gives a good amount of storage underneath which is great for us. To pair with this, I think the Lowell bedside cabinets will work perfectly. At the moment, we’re using two of the Ikea Hols as bedside tables at the moment, but I think drawers will be a much better use of the space.

To add a bit of colour in the room, I love the look of navy and white. I’m imagining a lot of blue and white patterned cushions on the bed, like the Fusion Ikat one and the Diamonds cushion, both from John Lewis. And I know it’s a bit of a ‘blogger cliche’ but I think the copper lamp from Homebase will just add that touch of sophistication. And, to balance that out, I just fell in love with the polar bear ornament, ha! A few photo frames dotted around is a must for us to add some personal touches and again, I’ll use dark wood to continue the theme.

We have a big plant in the corner of the bedroom at the moment in a large orange pot, because our original plans for the room was to have a rusty/orange/red theme. I think orange, white and navy will work great though, and look like a really beautiful modern space. I just have to convince Graham!

What do you think of my moodboard, anything you think I should add? Leave your ideas in the comments!
Post written in collobaration with George at Home's #TransfAutumn your home campaign


  1. Love this home inspiration, the navy and white combined with dark wood is just perfect. I imagine it would be very calming and exactly what you're after! Good luck decorating would love to see how it turns out :)

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! Once I've managed to convince Graham I'll definitely post before/after shots! :) x

  2. I love home decorating but it takes so long buying bits and pieces when you see it rather than rushing ahead to buy everything! I have a few home updates on my blog if your interested.