Sunday, 25 October 2015

HomeSense Southampton


HomeSense has long been my favourite shop – though with Southampton being slap bang in the middle of the two closest stores, I didn’t get to frequent it as much as I like and I have to satisfy my desire by browsing the homeware section of TK Maxx, instead. When I saw that Hedge End in Southampton was opening up a new store, I could practically hear the angels singing (and my bank balance weeping). I was gratefully invited to preview the new store, a combination of both TK Maxx and HomeSense, last Thursday. I was really impressed with the new store; it’s huge and has anything you can imagine you’ll need – from a stationery section containing diaries, list pads and even scrapbooking, to clocks, towels, baking and bathtubs. I could have spent a lot longer in the store on Wednesday and have absolutely no doubt that I’ll be back visiting again soon. With Graham in tow he sensibly curbed my spending but there was so much I lusted over – from a beautiful motivational print and some gorgeous Cath Kidston mugs – and everything being 60% off RRP just makes it so much more inviting!

We were very kindly given giftcards to spend on the evening, and you can see what I picked up below. I was extremely happy to find a gorgeous new 2016 diary that is in my favourite colour of turquoise, some alphabet stickers and a roll stamp for scrapbooking as well as a new hand towel for our little bathroom. Graham also picked up some Pantone placemats to keep our designer minds amused, and I have no doubt I’ll be sharing more HomeSense and TK Maxx hauls in the future!


The new store is located on Tollbar Way, Botley Road, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2QY.

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