Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mini bedroom revamp


As you know from my bedroom interiors post, the next home improvement plan was to re-decorate our master bedroom. Though I loved the colour scheme I picked out (navy and white), I couldn’t quite convince Graham, so I came up with something we both loved. I always picture a bedroom being a cosy, calm place to spend time and though the white and navy was classy and sophisticated, this time we’re going for warm hues of oranges, reds, browns and neutrals, hopefully to exude comfort and warmth, especially during these colder months.

Once the colour scheme was agreed, I had to decide whether to tackle the walls. If you look to my Home inspiration Pinterest board, it would be no surprise that I’m a fan of a white canvas, but in the end I chose to stick with what we have. I read this post by Sara that turned me in the white direction, but on the other hand, the cream walls we already have are in perfectly good nick and certainly go along with the warm tone we were after. We’re also planning on replacing the carpet and replacing the bed and bedside tables with the Hemnes range from Ikea. I’m jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve done the accessorising first! Ocean Finance very kindly gifted me a Dunelm Mill voucher – which was perfect seeing as I love that shop, and we were planning this ‘re-decoration’ of the bedroom anyway. I think accessories can make a room entirely different just by adding or removing a few pieces – if you have a neutral base, they can add in colour and you’re free to switch it up as often as you’d like.

The main elements of the room that I wanted to update were the bedside tables. You’ll find me dumping most of my things on my bedside table and it looks cluttered and full by the end of the week. An array of hair bands, hair grips, chocolate bars and random lists and notes used to pile up, rendering the surface rather useless. When I found this lovely little wooden box in Dunelm I knew it would be perfect. It’s going to keep my things on the table when I need them but be neat enough to not look messy – it fits my ipod in there, a sneaky chocolate bar, the afore-mentioned hair stuff and the ugly remote.

The photo frame adds a personal touch, something I really like to have by my bedside and the lamp was an old Sainsburys buy from yonks ago. I also replaced the clock - I’m not sure why I kept that ugly old, grey alarm clock for so long. I’ve used my iPod as an alarm for the past 5 years or so – preferring the dulcet tones of ‘Marimba’ to the clocks horrifying, piercing, car alarm impression. I picked out this gorgeous metal clock to replace it and love it already, though if you’re a light sleeper, beware of the tick! The final addition to my table was the beautiful intricate copper pot. It holds all my pens and pencils that I always reach for when I’m sat in bed in the evening scribbling in my sketchbook. It’s a lot prettier and a much better size than the little pot I had before as well as working so well with our new colour scheme.

Graham doesn’t need as much on his table as I do – but he has to have a fan on when he sleeps, and room for the home phone and space to charge his mobile. Luckily, the fan (an Argos purchase a few years back) matched our colour scheme perfectly, and it’s retro vibe means it doesn’t look as ugly as most fans do! The extra space meant I could fill it with pretty home d├ęcor – not quite what Graham was expecting but I think these little pieces really make a room look finished! The ampersand was from Primark, and the little black and copper bowl is from Dunelm.

The bedding was also from Dunelm – a purchase I made a long time ago and is actually perfect for the new room. I also dressed the bed with two new cushions – the orange-checked and the plain orange which I think pulls everything together! I’m really pleased with how much of a difference the new accessories have made – it’s a huge improvement and we’re well on the way with finishing the renovation! I’ll be sharing a new post once we’ve finished the whole room completely and changed the carpet and furniture, but I know we’ve made the bedroom so much nicer already, with only a small budget and some new accessories!


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