Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 resolutions


I know blogs are saturated with resolutions and goal posts right now, but that’s to be expected considering we've just started the New Year and we all need a little push for change. I’ve seen some negativity around this – that you can make goals and changes all year round and that’s totally true – but I also think having an opportunity to start a new year fresh and having that little kick up the bum to actually take note and see what we can change is always a good idea.

All my goals this year revolve around one thought. There’s a concept where you choose a word to sum up what you want from the year – it could be something broad like the word ‘joy’, or an action that you want to commit to. My word for 2016 is ‘Push’.

Push out of my comfort zone

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Fight or Flight’ response. Right now, my mind is programmed to flee – anxiety is difficult and makes even the most simple of tasks feel impossible. Back in 2014 I was probably at my best, but it’s incredibly easy to slip back into your comfort zone and stay there. I’ve gone backwards and I’m not happy about it – I want to push myself into situations I feel uncomfortable with and do it so often they become normal and I’m not scared anymore. ‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway’, as they say.

Push my body

A standard, predictable resolution but certainly one I need to remind myself of. I stopped seeing my personal trainer last year and while I still don’t think it’s suitable for me right now to go back to that, I definitely need to do some form of exercise again. My training programme focused primarily on my posture rather than weight loss and unfortunately I’ve found my rounded shoulders returning due to lack of habit. I definitely need to gain this back – I want to strengthen my core and use the routines and exercises I was taught to do some home workouts. I also really want to look into yoga and try to add that into my routine – I’m going to start by trying the 30 days with Adrienne routine on YouTube and see how I go. And of course, I plan on getting back on my bike when the weather is warmer – and doing some hill reps rather than longer rides in the lighter evenings.

Push creatively

I have a creative job, sure, but I don’t feel very creative. I want to push my mind to learn more skills and create more art in my free time. I plan to rebuild my portfolio so it’s full of personal projects not just ‘work’ work, and I’m excited at the prospect. I signed up to SkillShare last week and I’ve loved learning again – it’s something you don’t really think about until you’re doing it and your brain suddenly becomes excited about learning a new skill. There are a few offers around with SkillShare so I recommend having a look, or you can use this link to get your first month free.

Push in the kitchen

Another common resolution but I don’t plan on only ‘eating healthy’. I just want to become more adventurous and less lazy in the kitchen. I’ve found myself creating the same meal plans week in, week out, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m really uninspired. I don’t want to aim to create three-course haute cuisine every night or anything, I still want it relatively quick and easy – but I want something new. I’m going to aim for a new dish at least every few weeks, and hopefully find some new staples to add into our routine.


  1. I love this, what a positive spin on "resolutions"! You've got me thinking about a word for the year now :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Thank you Jess! I think the concept is great and you can definitely make a lot work with it! xx

  2. These are great resolutions, Katie! I love how instead of being general, they all revolve around one theme and I really like the word you've chosen. Your goals are actually very similar to mine! I want to keep pushing my body this year, because it's made such a difference to my life so far. I also want to push myself in the kitchen and I've been saving lots of new recipes - if you've got any recommendations then let me know!