Thursday, 5 May 2016

Scrapbooking Workshop with Paperchase!


Project Craft has landed!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll have seen I was working on a very big project in early March. I worked some very long days and traveled up to London for an exciting photoshoot, and I'm so pleased to now be able to share it with you!

Paperchase have rebranded their craft workshops, and Project Craft is here!

There are some awesome workshops available on Pom Pom making, DIY stationery, kids crafts, card making, paper flowers and scrapbooking. The workshops are available in the flagship Paperchase stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow and are perfect if you're looking to try a new craft.

I created a scrapbooking workshop that will be taught by the lovely people at Paperchase, where you'll learn techniques and methods for creating your own layouts. You'll be able to have a look through some example pages and you'll learn skills on how to present your own photographs and bits and pieces for your personal scrapbook.

I'm so excited to see people book on and experience the workshops - you'll be learning how to craft with like-minded people and all your materials will be provided. Here's a direct link to more information on the scrapbooking workshop, and there's a video of me creating one of the double page spreads so you can have a look at what you could create!

Don't forget to share any of your creations with Paperchase and the hashtag #ProjectCraft, and if you want some more inspiration, have a look through my posts on scrapbooking.



  1. Congratulations on such a lovely opportunity to do something great with something you love doing!! I live in Manchester so I'll have to nip down to Paperchase at some point soon and give the workshops a go. It's actually my cousin's birthday coming up & she's very into scrapbooking so I might treat her to one - thanks for letting us know about them!!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca! That sounds like a wonderful idea :) xx

  2. This is *such* a gorgeous post! I am so in love with the pictures.
    Congratulations on such an exciting project - I'm so happy for you! x