Sunday, 12 February 2017

Current favourites


It’s been a good while since I shared some of my favourite things here on the blog, so I thought I’d share some on this dull Sunday. I always struggle a bit in February so here I am focusing on some of the good stuff.

Stephen Toeking

I know socks probably aren’t high on the agenda of most people’s favourites list, but this pair is particularly special. I have a little giggle every time I wear these and they honestly brighten my morning when I put them on. I love the constellation print and the pun, as well as being in total awe of the great Stephen Hawking – wearing these don’t fail to put a smile on my face. ChattyFeet have a huge range of hilarious pun-based socks and socks make a great add-on present – worth a look if you fancy treating someone or yourself.

A Man called Ove
Fredrik Blackman

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this. I thought it might be a quick, light-hearted read that was funny and not much else. But boy, did this take me by surprise. It took me a little while to get into the book but once I did, I was hooked. It is both heartbreaking and funny – it is such a sweet story and I so recommend adding it to your reading list. I cried my eyes out when I finished reading it and if you’ve just started, I recommend persevering. Ove is a character that you’ll dislike but you’ll understand his reasoning as you get through his story. I love that you find out about his past and it definitely made me wonder about other people – why they are the way they are and the past experiences you don’t see.

Becoming a Successful Illustrator
Derek Brazell & Jo Davies

2017 is the year I really want to focus on my illustration, and it’s something I talked about in depth in my resolutions post at the beginning of the year. I had this on my Christmas list after hearing Holly Exley talking about it in one of her Youtube videos. It is full of so much knowledge and a definite must have if you’d like to become a professional illustrator, or even if you are one already but want to expand your knowledge base. It covers the nitty-gritty things like contracts and terms, as well as the ‘taboo’ topics like pricing. It contains a lot of case studies and thoughts from artists who have just started out, or those who’ve been in the game for years. I love this book - it provides practical knowledge while still giving offering endless inspiration.

Eau de Parfum

Another Christmas present and my new favourite perfume – the classic ‘Chloe’. This one is in a different vein to the mostly creative things I share on my blog, but a favourite none-the-less. I find wearing this soothes me and helps to calm me down – a must if I’m feeling particularly anxious or stressed. I love that scents can do that and, though this one is on the pricy side of perfume, I know it’s a classic and one I’ll wear for years to come.

Art Journaling
and being creative

Finally, a not so surprising favourite if you’ve been reading the blog lately. If you read my last post on how to create an art journal, you’ll know I LOVE art journaling, though had fallen off the wagon in recent years. The great news is; I’m back on it and absolutely loving it. I’ve been gluing and collaging in this yellow book like mad recently and have been trying something new – more like mini scrapbook layouts without the pressure of filling a large 12x12 sheet. It’s so relaxing for me to vent and fill these pages with random thoughts that might not make any sense, but is good to get out anyway. I’m sure I’ll share some spreads soon, but if you’d like to look at all the journals I’ve created in the past, here’s a link for you to have a look at all my journaling posts.

If you’ve shared some recent favourites on your blog, please share them in the comments below! I love discovering new reads and being nosy about other people’s likes – even better if it’s something I’ve been wanting to buy and basically need the enabling. Have a great week! xo


  1. Ooo we've just picked A Man Called Ove for our next book club book! Excited to get onto it now :) Xx

    1. Ooh I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, Ria! xx